About Us

Oaklands Elementary School is a vibrant community school that encompasses a population of approximately 500 K-5 students.  Students are instructed in Fine Arts, Athletics, Core curriculum (Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies), Social Responsibility, French (Grades 4-5).

Accompanying the classroom instructional program are the extra-curricular opportunities that range from chess club to noon hour soccer. Teachers and parents work together to present extra-curricular programs for all ages.

In the arts we have strings, art, dance and drama classes presented to students each week. Guest performers visit the school on occasion to teach and entertain. Students have the opportunity to perform in classes, concerts, talent shows, or at other times throughout the year.

The school facility encompasses a full basketball court with a half court in a separate area. Interspersed with play areas are oak trees and rock outcrops to make for a naturally unique playground. Two adventure playgrounds keep students active and entertained at recess times, Daily Physical Activity, and during physical education. The Greening Project has resulted in grassy areas enhanced with native Victorian plants. A unique feature of the school is the courtyard where students become actively involved in seasonal plantings of the school garden.

Special Events
Special Events involve students and staff learning in unique ways!  Celebration of learning assemblies, ArtsReach workshops, International walk to school day, fun runs and reading weeks are just some examples of how staff present learning in ways that challenge each student in an enjoyable manner.

Parent Involvement
Parent involvement is encouraged at Oaklands! Parents assist in classrooms, on field trips, in the library, with fundraising, on committees, and at special events. For those parents who wish to become more formally involved there is the Parent Advisory Council (PAC).  Our PAC executive can be contacted at victoria.oaklands.pac@gmail.com

Truly a positive and enjoyable environment, Oaklands staff and students strive to make their time at school productive, positive, and pleasurable.

Feel free to drop into our community throughout the year, we would love to show off our school!