PAC Overview

The Oaklands PAC works in partnership with the principal, teachers and staff to enhance educational, recreational and cultural development for the children who are students of the school. The Oaklands PAC is formally convened under Section 8 of the BC School Act which enables Parent Advisory Councils to be established in schools to advise the school board, principal and staff on a wide range of issues affecting the school and its students.

Key Activities

  • Hosting monthly PAC general meetings where all parents are invited to participate in discussions and decisions, and where all parents have the opportunity to discuss issues directly with the school Principal.
  • Arranging for special guest presenters to speak to parents at PAC general meetings on a wide range of issues related to the development of our children.
  • Updating PAC web pages to inform parents of events, issues, resources and opportunities for parent involvement at the school.
  • Organizing fun events for families that help build the school community, like movie nights and the Fall Festival of Family Fun.
  • Organizing work parties to help enhance the school, including the courtyard gardening crew and the compilation of the school’s A-Z reader booklets.
  • Funding the After School Arts Program and other programs for Oaklands students.
  • Consulting with the school’s budget committee and all parents to identify the PAC’s annual spending priorities for the year, and raising funds to support those priorities.
  • Electing a formal representative to the Victoria Confederation of Parent Advisory Committees so that Oaklands can participate in discussions around broader policy issues affecting public education.
  • Maintaining a formal liaison, through a PAC executive position, with the Oakland’s School Planning Council.
  • An annual lunch to thank teachers and staff at Oaklands for the energy, talent and heart they give to our children on a daily basis.

The Oaklands PAC is led by a 12-person Executive which is elected annually at the PAC’s October Annual General Meeting. The PAC Executive is just one of many ways parents and caregivers can contribute to the school. At Oaklands, the success of the PAC is due to the willing spirit of parents and caregivers who step up to coordinate projects and jump in to help throughout the year.

The work of the PAC can be as diverse as the parents who wish to participate. There is no limit to what can be accomplished and there is always room to add new activities and programs. The PAC Executive welcomes any and all ideas and comments!

Watch for PAC updates and meeting minutes on the PAC bulletin board in the main hallway. Alternatively, you can connect with the Oaklands Elementary PAC on Facebook.
If you would like to reach the PAC Executive, feel free to email us at:

Oaklands PAC