Parent Connect Online Consent Forms

Several of our school’s permission forms are now completed online through the Greater Victoria School District’s Parent Connect site.  Click here to watch a video on how to sign up for a Parent Connect account.  The information you will need to sign up for an account is the email address we use to communicate with you, your postal code (including the space) and the date of birth of one of your children. If any of this information does not match what we have in our school’s database you will run into issues creating an account.

If you run into issues creating your account please contact the school office ( or 250-595-2444) to check that the information we have in our database is correct and up to date.  Updates made by the office will take 24 hours to update in Parent Connect.

Note that there is a Translate option in the main menu in Parent Connect.

Below is the list of forms to be completed online:

  • Google Workspace for Education
  • Permission for Neighbourhood Walkabouts
  • Personal Information – School and School District Media Consent
  • Personal Information – School Yearbook and in-School Photo/Video Consent
  • Student Acceptable Use of Technology
  • Permission for School Field Trips
  • Personal Information Broadcast media Consent
  • Violence Threat Risk Assessment – Fair Notice to Parents
  • Volunteer Driver Form