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We’ve implemented a new system for parents to report their children’s absences from school  We are now asking that parents send an email to a new address that has been set up specifically for reporting absences.   You can still leave a phone message if you prefer, but we would love it if families would email us the information because its quicker for us to process in the office.  The emails will go directly to Susan and Jodi in the office if you’d like to address your email to both or either of them.

Safe Arrival Call-Back

The goal of the Safe Arrival Call-Back Program is to ensure that every Oaklands’ student is ‘safe’ and where they ought to be.  To help us record attendance as quickly as possible please use the following new system.  You can still call us to leave a message, but our preference is that parents send an email which quicker for us to process.

If your child is going to be absent or late please send an email to

In the email please include:

1. Your child’s full name
2. Your child’s division and/or teacher’s name
3. A reason for the absence such as:  Illness, Vacation (with dates), Appointment etc.

Or call (250) 595-2444, select “1” to record a student’s absence.

If we don’t receive an absence message, parents will be contacted via e-mail and phone so that we can determine that your child is safe.

When your child is late arriving, regardless of reason, please be sure they check in at the office before heading to class in case the teacher has already marked them absent.

If you are picking up your child prior to dismissal please visit the office and we will call your child down from their class to meet you there.

Not sure if you should send your child to school?  Check out the GVSD61 Daily Health Checklist to help you decide.